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  1. Dirk Pitt says:

    Love the Johnny Red Redburn story and am really glad you posted it so it is available to all. I love it and can’t get enough of Johnny and the Falcons. My only negative comment is that the site is not easy to navigate.

  2. The Kommissar says:

    Comrade Dirk,

    An alaphabetical list of everything on the site can be found by clicking on the RAF roundel to the right of ‘contents’ in the top left of every page.

    The Politburo trusts that this should address any issues with site navigation.

    Za Rodinu!

    The Kommissar

  3. Ajmal says:

    I have a question :does anybody know anything about a Johnny Red Animated Video that was about to be made ,back in the day ?

  4. The Kommissar says:

    The Politburo is unaware of any such project, or the day in which it was back, Comrade Ajmal.

  5. Graham Duckworth says:


    I came across a jpg scan of a free giveaway Johnny Red hurricane paper model and thought you may not have it?

    If you e-mail me I can send you a copy.

    Battle was what I spent my pocket money on as a kid and loved Johnny Red. Love the site.

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